Genesis Clinical Laboratory - Not So Simple Blood Draw

River Forest, Illinois 0 comments

Doctor said, "Go get a blood draw. We need a test." Sounds simple, right? Got the prescription, called West Suburban Hospital. West Suburban Hospital is in Oak Park, about two blocks from my home. After a ten minute fight with the computer phone answering machine and finding a human voice to give me the phone number for the blood draw place, I got a person who said, "You don't need an appointment, just come on over." It is a big hospital so I asked, "Where exactly are you?" He said, "I'm right here, just come on over."

I asked, "Which entrance of the hospital should I use?" He said, "Oh we're not in the hospital." So I asked, "Then were are you?" He replied they are in River Forest, not at the hospital and not even in Oak Park. He gave me the address and I drove over.

When I found my way in to the waiting room for Genesis Clinical Laboratory I found a small room with a crowd of people. Here we are at the height of the flu season with a mob of people jammed together. I watched as people ahead of me were called into the blood draw room and it seemed to take 15 or 20 minutes each. What's wrong with this picture?

This outfit needs some serious attention to the way they treat patients.

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